How to register for www.browseyou.com?
If you do not have an account www.browseyou.com, you can register in a few simple steps. To register a new account, please enter your name, date of birth, gender and email address in the form on http://browseyou.com. Then select a password.

How to invite friends?
On the main profile page of the person you want to invite friends, click "Add Friend." Friend request will be sent to this person. Once he accepts it, the user will appear in your friends list.

Terms of adding personal photos and albums?
As your main photo, we recommend you to choose a photo, in which your friends can easily find you. Photos of your pets, abstract drawings, images of objects or landscapes you can upload personal photo albums.

How to find pages with my interests?
To find interesting for you page, you can go to the pages section with their personal pages. In the list you can select the page you are interested in and join them. You can also browse your friends’ page - perhaps among them will be interesting for you pages.