www.browseyou.com pays huge attention of safety of users. However even our system of the safety, the difficult password and an antivirus won't be able to protect you if you aren't careful. The main danger is constituted by links to third-party sites where viruses and trojans can wait for you, fields for login and password input from browseyou.com, offers to specify phone number for obtaining doubtful benefit and many other things.

Learn to distinguish between reliable and secure links from harmful and dangerous is possible, and we will tell you how to check the links themselves. Please note that these links you can get by e-mail, Skype, through chat rooms and forums.

Site Address often speaks for itself. If the link contains information about the services provided on the site (browseyougifts, browseyougifts2013), then jump on it just not worth it.

If you follow a link is blocked and you can see our warning - it just has a reason to this site should not be trusted. If the transition is not closed on the link, be vigilant still not worth it: the site can be as honest and fraudulent.

If the program is accidentally spilled on the computer or you have entered your username and password on a fraudulent site, you must do the following:

• change the password on the other - a complex and unique;

• Be sure to fully scan your computer anti-virus utility http://freedrweb.com/cureit/?lng=ru.

To a page you can always restore access, keep it available to you were tied-mail and phone number.